Corporate Registration

25+ Departments & 100+ Doctors

We have 100+ best specialty doctors across 25+ departments who are specially trained on Tele Health & online doctor consultation & software. All under one roof.

Simple, Convenience & Quick

From Searching for a Dr, Booking, Payment and meeting the doctors over Audio/Video consultations, receiving prescriptions, it is all made simple in the website and also in the Mobile App.

Online Pharmacy & Lab Sample Home Collection

We provide Medicines home delivery and collect Lab Tests to your home.

Online Doctor Consultation(Acute & Chronic Care)

Audio/Video Doctor consultations on Same Day/Next Day based on your convenience

HealthCare Packages Focused for You

We have various Healthcare Packages that provides a comprehensive Care across multi specialities Like Diab Care, Heart Care etc.

Embrace Your Health

With regular online consultations with systematic care helps in maintaining healthy life style. Our HIPAA complaint system maintains your health records, prescriptions electronically and securely.